In an era where surveillance threats are ever-increasing, constant vigilance is key. Secur, a leader in the security sector founded in South Africa and operating across 18 African countries, proudly presents the CRFS RFeye Guard, the pinnacle of 24/7 TSCM solutions. Our offering goes beyond the boundaries of South Africa, delivering CRFS’s exceptional products and services across the African continent.

With the CRFS RFeye Guard system, organizations can now access a powerful tool in the fight against illicit eavesdropping and unauthorized transmissions. Secur, leveraging the sophisticated capabilities of RFeye Guard, provides a proactive, round-the-clock monitoring solution that stands as a sentry against the most subtle of electronic threats. The RFeye Guard system is the answer for entities demanding uncompromised security and peace of mind.

RFeye Guard buildingSecur: Synonymous with Expertise in TSCM Solutions

Our highly qualified team at Secur is adept in navigating the intricate landscape of technical security. With a keen understanding of TSCM’s critical role in safeguarding information, we offer not just a product but a comprehensive strategy to ensure your environments are secured against electronic espionage. Clients choose Secur for our deep-seated expertise and our unwavering commitment to operational excellence.

The deployment of CRFS RFeye Guard through Secur is more than an investment in security—it’s a strategic move towards ensuring perpetual operational integrity. Our technicians and security specialists, armed with cutting-edge technology and an in-depth understanding of 24/7 TSCM, stand ready to customize solutions that fit the specific needs of each client, regardless of industry or sector.

Secure Your Operations with Unrivalled 24/7 TSCM Protection

Whether your operations span the vibrant streets of Cape Town, the bustling markets of Cairo, or anywhere in between, the CRFS RFeye Guard distributed by Secur is your first line of defense in technical surveillance countermeasures. This advanced system provides not just detection but analysis and localization of a wide range of threat signals, ensuring that your sensitive information remains just that—sensitive.

Don’t leave the security of your critical information to chance. Elevate your counter-surveillance measures with the CRFS RFeye Guard and experience the pinnacle of 24/7 TSCM provided by Secur.