File:Veritas Technologies logo.svg - WikipediaEmerging from the technological heartlands of Harare, Zimbabwe and marking its imprint across 18 African countries, Secur is elated to spotlight its collaboration with Veritas. This partnership signals a dedication to reshaping the paradigms of data management and protection across the African continent, amalgamating the prowess and expertise of both entities.

Recognized worldwide for its emphasis on data protection, availability, and insights, Veritas empowers businesses of all sizes to safeguard and access their data landscape, regardless of where the data resides.

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A comprehensive enterprise-level backup and recovery suite designed to protect vast data landscapes across diverse environments—be it physical, virtual, or cloud.

Backup Exec

Tailored for small to medium businesses, this offering ensures swift, simple, and comprehensive backup and recovery across virtual, physical, and multi-cloud environments.

Enterprise Vault

A solution that archives, enables discovery, and ensures compliance for unstructured data, optimizing storage infrastructure and making retention more cost-effective.


Aimed at ensuring business continuity, it offers storage and application availability for complex, multitiered applications across physical and virtual environments.

Data Insight

This offering provides visibility into data usage and ensures informed decision-making about data protection, risk mitigation, and storage optimization.

Amid Africa’s booming digital progression, the partnership between Secur and Veritas epitomizes a commitment to driving innovation in data management, protection, and insights.

Leveraging Secur’s expansive reach and its dedication to answering Africa’s distinct technological necessities, this collaboration seeks to proliferate Veritas’s avant-garde data solutions throughout the region. Central to this mission is Secur’s highly qualified team, expertly melding Veritas’s international standards with the intricacies of Africa’s digital panorama.

In summation, the Secur-Veritas partnership paints a vision of an Africa fortified by robust data management, unyielding protection, and deep insights. It mirrors the convergence of global technological benchmarks with the unique challenges and potentialities of the African data domain, crafting a progressive, data-centric future for the continent.