Veriato - Security of Microsoft Active DirectoryEmerging from the dynamic tech landscapes of South Africa and extending its sphere of influence over 18 African countries, Secur takes immense pride in introducing its strategic partnership with Veriato. Together, the two organizations embark on a mission to fortify businesses against insider threats, leveraging the combined strength and expertise of both entities.

Veriato stands as a recognized name in the realm of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and employee monitoring. With its innovative solutions, Veriato enables organizations to ensure security against insider threats, thereby safeguarding critical data and intellectual assets.


Veriato Cerebral

This UEBA solution provides intelligence-led insider threat security by leveraging advanced AI and ML-driven behavior analytics, ensuring real-time detection of insider threats.

Veriato Investigator

Tailored for workplace investigations, it offers robust activity logging, enabling organizations to swiftly and discreetly gather a definitive, video-like record of all on-screen activities.

Veriato 360

An all-inclusive user activity monitoring tool that provides a holistic view of user behavior, facilitating productivity assessments and ensuring data security.

Veriato RansomSafe

A dedicated anti-ransomware solution that offers layers of protection against evolving ransomware threats by leveraging unique deception technology.

Veriato Vision

Designed for SMEs, it offers employee monitoring capabilities to enhance productivity and secure confidential data.

In an era marked by Africa’s profound digital transformation, the alliance between Secur and Veriato reflects a commitment to shield businesses against potential internal vulnerabilities.

By harnessing Secur’s vast regional presence and its enduring dedication to cater to Africa’s unique IT needs, this collaboration seeks to extend Veriato’s specialized threat detection and user monitoring solutions across the continent. Pivotal to this endeavor is Secur’s highly qualified team, seamlessly aligning Veriato’s world-class functionalities with the multifaceted tech environments of Africa.

To encapsulate, the Secur-Veriato partnership heralds an era where African businesses can operate with reinforced assurance, knowing that their data landscapes are shielded from both external and internal threats. It signifies a confluence of global expertise with regional insights, envisioning a safer, more resilient digital Africa.