Trend MicroSecur, a prominent security and services titan based in Harare, Zimbabwe, is excited to spotlight its collaborative venture with Trend Micro. This strategic alliance epitomizes our undying dedication to bringing top-tier cybersecurity solutions to every corner of Africa, further accentuating Secur’s dominant role in the region.

Trend Micro, a global pioneer in cybersecurity solutions, is renowned for its comprehensive suite aimed at providing layered protection against sophisticated threats. Their significant solutions include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Security: Offers automated protection for physical, virtual, and cloud workloads, ensuring the security of evolving data centers.
  • Network Defense: Detects and prevents breaches at wire speed, shielding your organization from known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities.
  • User Protection: A multi-layered solution ensuring endpoints, email, web gateways, and SaaS applications are protected against threats.
  • XDR (Cross-Layer Detection and Response): Provides detection and response capabilities across email, endpoint, server, cloud workloads, and network, enhancing your organization’s visibility and security posture.
  • IoT & OT Cybersecurity: Safeguards IoT and OT environments by identifying and securing potential weak points within the ecosystem.

trend micro

Integrating Trend Micro’s tools allows organizations to cultivate a robust, multi-layered defense strategy, thwarting diverse cyber threats and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Emerging from the vibrant landscape of South Africa, Secur has dynamically expanded its horizons, marking a commanding presence across 18 African countries. Beyond these strategic nodes, Secur passionately offers its comprehensive array of services to the entire African continent, affirming our relentless commitment to advancing the region’s cybersecurity paradigm.

Secur’s meteoric ascent is undergirded by its battalion of highly qualified professionals. Enriched with expansive expertise and an innovative mindset, they consistently design solutions meticulously tailored to the nuanced needs of our partners. Our affiliation with Trend Micro exemplifies our modus operandi of joining forces with global technology giants, ensuring we perpetually set unparalleled standards in African cybersecurity.