Thales — Partners — Career — Study Association ThaliaHailing from the technological nexus of Zimbabwe and asserting a formidable presence across 18 African countries, Secur is honored to spotlight its collaboration with Thales, a global titan in the realms of digital security and technological solutions. This partnership is set to propel the African continent into a new era of digital innovation and security, drawing upon the combined might and dedication of both organizations.

Thales is a global powerhouse, renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in aerospace, defense, transportation, digital security, and space. Their commitment to creating a safer world is manifested through their comprehensive range of offerings that address the vital needs of a rapidly evolving global landscape.


Core Offerings from Thales Include:

  • Digital Security: Protects businesses, governments, and citizens from cyber threats with advanced solutions, from encryption and secure communications to biometrics and digital identities.
  • Aerospace: Provides solutions that enhance the efficiency and safety of air transportation, including air traffic management and in-flight entertainment.
  • Defense: Offers a wide range of defense technologies from radar systems to naval communication solutions.
  • Transportation: Leads in providing digital transportation solutions, from signaling systems for railways to electronic toll collection.
  • Space: Pioneers in satellite communication, Earth observation, and space exploration technologies.

As Africa continually evolves its digital and technological infrastructure, the alliance between Secur and Thales emerges as a driving force behind this transformation.

Armed with Secur’s expansive reach and unwavering commitment to enhancing Africa’s digital landscape, this partnership is primed to introduce and refine Thales’s advanced solutions tailored to the continent’s unique challenges and aspirations. Central to this initiative is Secur’s highly qualified team, whose expertise acts as the bridge connecting Thales’s global innovations with the diverse needs of the African milieu.

To encapsulate, the partnership between Secur and Thales embodies a shared vision of a digitally secure and technologically advanced Africa. As the digital horizon of the continent broadens, businesses and governments can place their trust in a partnership that seamlessly amalgamates local insight with world-class technological prowess.