SecurEnvoy Celebrates 20 Years of Authentication LeadershipSecur, a distinguished security and services company based in Harare, Zimbabwe, is excited to announce its strategic alliance with SecurEnvoy. This collaboration represents our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions across the vast expanse of Africa, underscoring Secur’s established authority in the continent.

SecurEnvoy is a pioneer in the realm of tokenless two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions, ensuring robust security for digital assets.

Infinigate - SecurEnvoy | Delivering verifiable trust in every action performed with your data.

  • SecurAccess – A flagship 2FA solution that provides secure and seamless access to networks, virtual desktops, and cloud platforms without the need for physical tokens.
  • SecurMail – Ensures encrypted email communication, guaranteeing that sensitive emails are only read by intended recipients.
  • SecurPassword – Enables self-service password resets, enhancing productivity while maintaining security protocols.
  • SecurICE – A remote access solution designed for emergency scenarios, allowing secure connectivity when it’s critically needed.
  • SecurSms – An advanced messaging platform optimized for transaction-based operations, ensuring encrypted and authenticated message delivery.

With its suite of solutions, SecurEnvoy assists businesses in navigating the digital landscape with heightened confidence, ensuring data integrity and user authenticity.

Emerging from its origins in South Africa, Secur has steadfastly expanded its influence, now marking its prominence in 18 African countries. Importantly, while we maintain a robust operational presence in these 18 nations, Secur’s spectrum of services is available across the entire African continent, highlighting our persistent drive to cater to the region’s security and digital evolution.

Central to Secur’s milestones is our highly qualified team of experts. Armed with vast industry experience and insights, they are devoted to creating solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements. Our partnership with SecurEnvoy amplifies our dedication to integrating globally acclaimed technologies, enhancing the value we bring to the African domain.