RubrikEmerging from the technological hubs of South Africa and establishing a powerful presence in 18 African nations, Secur is thrilled to spotlight its strategic alliance with Rubrik. This partnership aims to elevate data management, security, and cloud integration standards across the continent, harnessing the combined strength and expertise of both giants.

Recognized globally for its modern approach to cloud data management, Rubrik provides solutions that secure, manage, and recover data wherever it resides. Their innovations are designed to ensure seamless business operations, efficient backup, and swift recovery.


Key Offerings from Rubrik Include:

  • Cloud Data Management: Integrated data protection solution that assures automated backup, recovery, and archival, seamlessly working across on-premises, edge, and cloud environments.
  • Ransomware Recovery: Leveraging immutable backups and AI-driven analytics, Rubrik provides quick data recovery in the face of ransomware attacks.
  • Data Governance & Compliance: Tools that enable discovery, classification, and reporting, aiding businesses in meeting regulatory compliance standards.
  • Rubrik Polaris: A SaaS platform offering a unified system of record, enhancing visibility and control over data.
  • Cloud Native Protection: Specialized protection for popular cloud services ensuring data availability and resilience.

Against the canvas of Africa’s digital expansion, the collaboration between Secur and Rubrik stands out as a beacon for next-generation data management solutions.

Capitalizing on Secur’s extensive network and dedication to addressing Africa’s distinct tech needs, the partnership is set to amplify Rubrik’s cutting-edge data management tools throughout the region. Central to this endeavor is Secur’s highly qualified team, adeptly intertwining Rubrik’s global benchmarks with Africa’s specific challenges and opportunities.

In conclusion, the Secur and Rubrik partnership encapsulates a vision of an Africa safeguarded by robust data resilience and seamless cloud management. It embodies the confluence of global technological advancements with the intricate nuances of the African digital landscape, crafting a brighter, data-empowered future for the continent.