Palo Alto NetworksBased in Harare, Zimbabwe and expanding its reach across 18 African nations, Secur is honored to join forces with Palo Alto Networks, an undisputed leader in cybersecurity innovation. This strategic alliance pledges to reshape and bolster the cybersecurity posture of the African digital ecosystem by integrating the best of both companies.

Palo Alto Networks is at the vanguard of cybersecurity, specializing in advanced firewall solutions and a spectrum of next-generation security products. They are dedicated to preventing cyber threats and ensuring organizations operate at their peak digital potential.

Palo Alto Networks

Noteworthy Offerings from Palo Alto Networks Comprise:

  • Next-Generation Firewalls: Comprehensive visibility and granular policy control across applications, users, and content.
  • Threat Intelligence: Providing insights into the latest cyber threats and aiding in preemptive defense strategies.
  • Cloud Security: Solutions tailored to protect applications, data, and users across cloud environments.
  • Endpoint Protection: Utilizing AI and machine learning to proactively detect and counter threats at the endpoint level.
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): A converged cloud-delivered service ensuring secure access to resources irrespective of their location.

In the backdrop of Africa’s accelerating digital transformation, the alliance between Secur and Palo Alto Networks emerges as a beacon for cybersecurity excellence.

Secur, with its profound African footprint and commitment to serve every nook of the continent, is primed to bring Palo Alto Networks’s globally-acclaimed security solutions to the forefront. This mission is underpinned by Secur’s highly qualified team, adept at seamlessly integrating Palo Alto Networks’ offerings while catering to the unique dynamics of the African cyber landscape.

In sum, the Secur & Palo Alto Networks partnership is a testament to a shared vision of a resilient and cybersecure Africa. As digital realms continue to expand, our partners and clients can derive confidence from an alliance that marries local expertise with global cybersecurity leadership.

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