Secur, an eminent security and services enterprise based in Zimbabwe, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Nintex. This alliance magnifies our commitment to delivering unparalleled digital solutions and services throughout Africa, further amplifying Secur’s already prominent presence in the region.

Nintex is renowned globally for its workflow automation solutions, ensuring processes run seamlessly and efficiently. Their key offerings include:

  • Workflow Automation – Simplifying the automation of business processes to enhance productivity.
  • Document Automation – Streamlining the creation, approval, and storage of essential documents.
  • Process Mapping – Visually representing and analyzing business processes to identify optimization opportunities.
  • Mobile Apps – Empowering users to manage and participate in workflows from their mobile devices.
  • Forms and Digital Experience – Crafting tailored digital forms and experiences to engage users and capture data effectively.
  • Process Intelligence – Offering analytical insights for process improvement.

With such an extensive suite of tools, Nintex stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to modernize their operations and embrace the digital transformation wave.

Secur’s Expansion in Africa:

From its humble beginnings in South Africa, Secur has flourished, marking its presence in 18 African nations. Yet, it’s paramount to highlight that while our operations are entrenched in these 18 countries, Secur’s services span the entirety of the African continent, underscoring our unwavering dedication to addressing Africa’s security and digital transformation demands.

The backbone of Secur’s achievements is undeniably our highly qualified team. Consisting of industry veterans and experts, our team persistently endeavors to provide bespoke solutions, tailored to meet each client’s unique requisites. Our liaison with Nintex is a testament to our unwavering dedication to integrating top-tier global technologies for the benefit of the African market.