Security and Policing 2024 - Magnet Forensics - Security and ...Emerging from the technological hubs of Harare, Zimbabwe and maintaining a formidable presence in 18 African territories, Secur is proud to unveil its strategic partnership with Magnet Forensics. This alliance is a cornerstone in bolstering the realms of digital investigations and forensics throughout the African continent, amalgamating the profound expertise and visions of both entities.

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the domain of digital investigation software. Recognized for its advanced solutions, the company aids professionals in the successful acquisition, analysis, and reporting of digital evidence across various devices and platforms.

Magnet AXIOM Cloud Now Available for Data Extraction and Analysis

  • Magnet AXIOM: A comprehensive digital investigation platform, AXIOM allows for the recovery, analysis, and reporting of digital evidence from mobile, computer, and cloud sources.
  • Magnet ACQUIRE: Designed for quick and easy data acquisition from various devices, including mobile phones, hard drives, and removable media.
  • Magnet ATLAS: A case management solution that offers teams an integrated system to manage, track, and report on their digital investigation cases.
  • Magnet REVIEW: Enables teams to collaborate more efficiently during digital investigations by providing secure access to evidence.
  • Training & Certifications: Magnet Forensics offers specialized training programs, equipping professionals with the skills needed to harness the full potential of their tools.

In the face of Africa’s rapidly expanding digital horizon, the collaboration between Secur and Magnet Forensics stands out as a pioneering force in the world of digital investigations and cybersecurity.

With Secur’s vast reach and steadfast dedication to serving Africa’s diverse digital landscape, the partnership is perfectly poised to promote and refine the implementation of Magnet Forensics’ innovative solutions. At the heart of this mission lies Secur’s highly qualified team, bridging the gap between Magnet’s globally lauded tools and the unique intricacies of the African digital environment.

In summation, the union of Secur and Magnet Forensics paints a vision of a digitally empowered and secure Africa. As the digital narrative of the continent unfolds, this partnership provides a sturdy foundation, seamlessly blending world-class forensic proficiency with deep-rooted regional insights.