cellebriteFrom its inception in the vibrant ecosystems of Zimbabwe, spanning a formidable presence in 18 African nations, Secur is elated to unveil its strategic alliance with Cellebrite. This partnership is an embodiment of a shared vision to redefine digital forensics and cybersecurity standards across Africa, leveraging the collective might and expertise of both companies.

Cellebrite stands as an international powerhouse in the field of digital intelligence. Famed for its advanced solutions, Cellebrite aids law enforcement, military, and enterprises in accessing and unlocking the intelligence of digital devices.

Cellebrite UFED | Access and Collect Mobile Device Data

Principal Offerings from Cellebrite Include:

  • Cellebrite UFED: A comprehensive solution that extracts and decodes data from a wide range of mobile devices, making it indispensable for digital investigations.
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyzer: Offers deep analysis of mobile device data, presenting insights in an accessible and actionable format.
  • Cloud Analyzer: Empowers professionals to extract actionable intelligence from both public and private cloud databases.
  • Cellebrite Advanced Services: A suite of services that assist in unlocking and extracting data from a wide range of challenging and encrypted devices.
  • Training and Certification: offers an array of training programs, ensuring users master the tools and techniques necessary for effective digital investigations.

Harnessing Secur’s extensive operational network and its unwavering commitment to excellence, the partnership is uniquely tailored to bring Cellebrite’s pioneering solutions to the forefront of Africa’s digital investigative landscape. At the heart of this initiative is Secur’s highly qualified team, dedicatedly synchronizing Cellebrite’s global innovations with Africa’s distinctive needs.

In essence, the Secur-Cellebrite collaboration paints a vibrant tapestry of commitment, innovation, and security for Africa’s digital domain. As the continent further integrates into the global digital framework, this partnership is poised to ensure a journey steered by forensic precision and unparalleled expertise.