BCDVideo provides cost-efficient surveillance systems for banks | Security NewsSecur, a distinguished security and services powerhouse birthed in Zimbabwe, is excited to spotlight its alliance with BCD Video. This partnership echoes our unwavering commitment to integrating advanced technological solutions throughout Africa, further emphasizing Secur’s dominant role on the continent.

BCD Video excels in providing purpose-built video surveillance recording solutions. Their specialized offerings encompass:

  • Video Surveillance Storage: Tailored storage solutions optimized for the demands of video surveillance.
  • Video Workstations: Custom-designed workstations specifically for video surveillance operations.
  • Networking Products: High-performance, scalable, and efficient networking solutions ideal for video data.
  • Video Servers: Purpose-driven, efficient, and reliable video servers to handle the rigorous demands of modern surveillance systems.
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Streamlining IT by integrating computing, storage, and networking into a single system.

BCD - IP Video Data Infrastructure SolutionsWith its portfolio, BCD Video ensures that organizations have the essential infrastructure to operate scalable, efficient, and high-performance video surveillance systems.

Having its roots deeply planted in South Africa, Secur has burgeoned remarkably, extending its influential presence across 18 key African nations. Beyond these strategic locations, it’s crucial to highlight that Secur’s spectrum of services is accessible throughout the vast African continent, affirming our dedication to fostering security and technological progression in the region.

At the heart of Secur’s accomplishments is our cohort of highly qualified professionals. Imbued with a wealth of expertise and an innovative spirit, they endeavor to devise solutions that resonate with the bespoke needs of every partner. Our liaison with BCD Video signifies our ethos of aligning with globally respected tech stalwarts, thereby elevating the standards of security infrastructure in Africa.