File:Arcserve logo CMYK reg.jpg - WikipediaFrom its origins in the tech-centric soils of South Africa, and with a robust presence in 18 African countries, Secur is thrilled to announce its collaborative initiative with Arcserve. This partnership embodies a mutual goal: to revolutionize data protection and recovery strategies across the African landscape, harnessing the combined acumen of both organizations.

Established as a global leader in data protection and recovery, Arcserve offers a cohesive suite of solutions that shield critical data from risks while ensuring seamless access and recovery mechanisms.

Highlight Offerings from Arcserve Include:

  • Unified Data Protection (UDP): An all-inclusive solution that combines backup, replication, and deduplication into a unified interface, ensuring the safety of data across virtual, physical, and cloud infrastructures.
  • Continuous Availability: This technology ensures non-stop prevention of data loss and offers uninterrupted access to applications for complex, multi-tiered systems across clouds, virtual, and physical environments.
  • Backup and Recovery: Focused on safeguarding digital assets, this offering provides enterprise-grade backup and granular recovery, making data protection simple, yet effective.
  • Cloud Direct: Arcserve’s direct-to-cloud disaster recovery and backup services enable quick and secure access to data during unintentional outages or malicious threats.
  • Replication and High Availability: Ensuring data is constantly accessible, this solution keeps applications and systems available during both planned and unplanned outages.

Arcserve 9192DR Appliance |

In the midst of Africa’s digital renaissance, the synergy between Secur and Arcserve signifies a renewed dedication to leading-edge data protection and recovery methodologies.

Relying on Secur’s expansive regional footprint and its unwavering mission to address Africa’s specific IT demands, the partnership endeavors to magnify the reach of Arcserve’s distinguished data solutions across the continent. Spearheading this ambition is Secur’s highly qualified team, adeptly integrating Arcserve’s global innovations with Africa’s distinctive technological context.

In conclusion, the alliance between Secur and Arcserve is a testament to a shared vision of a resilient, data-protected Africa. It signifies the amalgamation of world-class data solutions with the nuances and potentials of a swiftly evolving digital continent.