Our Products | Amped SoftwareBorn from the dynamic tech hubs of Zimbabwe and with an influential presence in 18 pivotal African nations, Secur is excited to announce its strategic alliance with Amped Five. This partnership symbolizes a commitment to raising the standards of forensic image and video analysis throughout the African continent, intertwining the unparalleled expertise of both organizations.

Amped Five is a globally recognized entity in the domain of forensic image and video enhancement. With its state-of-the-art tools, it provides investigators and forensic professionals with comprehensive solutions to enhance, analyze, and authenticate digital multimedia evidence.

Key Offerings from Amped Five Include:

  • Enhancement Tools: A suite of powerful tools that restore the clarity of videos and images, ensuring they can be used as viable evidence in investigations.
  • Analysis Functions: Empowers professionals to assess the authenticity of videos and images, identifying any potential tampering or modifications.
  • Multimedia Conversion: Capabilities to convert digital media into formats compatible with various investigative and legal tools.
  • Chain-of-Custody Integrity: Ensures that all processed media maintain a clear and tamper-proof chain of custody.
  • Training Programs: Amped Five offers an array of training modules, ensuring that users are well-versed in the nuances and full capabilities of the software.

Exposition: February 2022 - Police Chief Magazine

In the backdrop of Africa’s rapid digital transformation, the collaboration between Secur and Amped Five emerges as a paragon of excellence in the realm of forensic media analysis.

Harnessing Secur’s extensive reach and unyielding dedication to serving the multifaceted demands of Africa, this partnership is perfectly poised to expand the horizons of Amped Five’s innovative solutions across the continent. Central to this synergy is Secur’s highly qualified team, meticulously adapting Amped Five’s world-renowned tools to align with Africa’s unique challenges and potentialities.

In summary, the alliance between Secur and Amped Five sketches a bright future for forensic media analysis in Africa. As the continent delves deeper into the digital age, this partnership pledges unwavering support, combining global technological finesse with intricate regional insight.